Bus drivers have such a great responsibility to get their passengers from point A to point B safely and comfortably. However, they cannot control the behaviour of passengers and we are all responsible for how we conduct ourselves inside the bus.

Here follows a few safety tips when travelling on the bus to make the trip enjoyable for both you and the other passengers.

Remain seated at all times

You never know when the bus is going to brake suddenly or hit a pothole. Remaining seated can avoid you falling over someone else and hurting yourself. Most of us tend to get up when we see our stop getting near, but remain in your seat until you are allowed to disembark.

Keep your arms, hands, legs, feet and head inside the bus

Many of us get the urge to stick our hands out of the window and stroke the wind rushing by. Don’t do this, lest you want to risk another car hitting your arm or leg at full speed. Parents, ensure your children too have all their limbs inside the bus and not sticking out of a window.

Keep your voice low and do not use offensive language

There are many people on the bus, some talking while others would like to have some peace. It is important that you keep your voice low when talking with someone else and avoid swearing or speaking of something that might offend others. Respect the other passengers on the bus.

Do not leave any of your bags in the aisle

Keep your bag on your lap or between your feet underneath the seat. Keep the aisle clear at all times to avoid people tripping over it when disembarking.

Do not drink alcohol

Alcohol induces risky and rowdy behaviour so this beverage is best avoided. If drunk, your senses are dulled and your penchant for trouble is switched on. Instead, drink some water, coffee or coca cola.

Lethal weapons aren’t allowed on the bus

It is common sense that no one should be allowed to bring knives or guns onto the bus. Even if it is for self-defence purposes, freak accidents can still happen. Weapons of any sort are distressing towards your fellow passengers, so leave those items at home instead.

When the bus reaches your stop

Disembark in an orderly fashion. Do not shove other people in the aisle and wait for those sitting closest to the front to disembark first. Practice patience instead of accidentally shoving into someone or forgetting something in your rush.

Bring hand sanitiser

It is natural that some germs should be on the railings so a little bottle of hand sanitiser or wet wipes can come in handy.

Bojanala only hires professional, licensed bus drivers and we aim to ensure the safety of our passengers at all times.